Dr. Lou is Great! He has many techniques depending on your needs. Things that I appreciate: 1. He is not a one size fits all kind of Doctor, 2. he does not expect you to come in three times a week for the rest of your life. 3. he does not try to push supplements on you. 4. I saw results after the first visit. 5. He is gentle and thorough. Highly recommend!

Wendy Billings


Dr. Cavallo is the kindest, most genuine and caring chiropractor I have ever been to. Many chiropractors have wanted me to go back 3 times a week for months, then twice a week for a while, etc. Not Dr. Lou!. Dr. Lou took the time to listen to mr and understand my needs. He is absolutely incredible. Will ALWAYS refer Dr. Lou with Cavallo Chiropractic.

Barbara Mathewes


Just moved to Colorado and chiropractic care is important to me. Not knowing where to start I picked a chiropractor that took my insurance and was close to where I live. I am so lucky I picked this one. Hr adjusts how my body needs adjusts and truly cares about me and my overall health. Took time in the first appointment to access my needs and get to know me. Highly recommend seeing Lou.

Jessica Gibson


Dr. Cavallo listens and helps. He is very professional, thorough and empathetic. I got to pet a puppy, receive huge pain relief and also discuss long-term care that I can do at home. Highly recommend!!

Alisha Park

Car Accident

Dr Lou helped me with some back pain after a bad car accident and his adjustment alleviated the pain almost immediately. He is affordable and very caring. He didn't push a 12 treatment plan. Very happy with his work.

Jared B.


Lou has been skillfully helping me with my mobility issues for the past 4-5 years. He is a wonderful and caring doctor and friend plus his sweet dog Phoebe is always there to greet me when I visit the office. I highly recommend Dr. Lou Cavallo!

Pat McCarthy


We have been going to Cavallo's for years now! He listens to my issues and I always feel great when I leave. The massage therapist Mary is awesome! Phoebe the office mascot is really cool too! Highly recommend!

Michelle & Damian Wise

Highly Recommend

Dr. Cavallo gives the utmost care. He has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Cavallo Chiropractic!

Trisha Ventker

The Best

Dr Cavallo has so much heart for his patients. He is the best chiropractor in Longmont Co. I wouldn't go anywhere else but him. Everytime my husband goes to see him he comes out feeling so much better.

Stacey Hughes


Great place to get your spine adjusted! Dr. Lou really knows his stuff.

Grant Hogarth

Great Care

Really like Lou. Great guy. Great care!

Dorothy Watters

True Healer

The best of the best. Gentle, effective treatment. No gimmicks, no pressure. Dr. Cavallo is a true healer and good person.

Amy Maestas

Common Sense

I was fortunate enough to have a fellow colleague recommend Dr. Lou close to 3 years ago and I can't thank her enough!! Dr. Lou truly listens to a patient's concerns and uses his medical background and common sense to assist you in the best way he knows how! One thing that stood out to me immediately upon speaking with Dr. Lou was when he said 'The less times you see me, the more I know I'm doing my job!' Wow, how many service providers do you know that say that? Thank you, Dr. Lou, for helping to make your patients feel better, one adjustment at a time!!

Jason Goldsberry


Dr. Cavallo has taken care of our family for years. He's very thoughtful and thorough. He's an excellent listener and remembers what works for your body. I can't handle the usual snap, crackle, pop of other chiropractors. Dr. C has adapted to a gentler procedure that gives me relief.

Colette Cole


My experience with Dr. Lou was excellent. I was having some neck pain and lower back pain but had never been to a chiropractor. I was a little concerned and didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Lou was very informative and explained everything thoroughly before beginning. His assessment was spot on and his treatment relieved pressure and pain almost immediately. The exercises Dr. Lou gave me to perform have helped greatly. I highly recommend Cavallo chiropractic to anybody interested in the wellness of your spine.

Eric Ruiz


I love Dr. Lou!! 1000 stars! He is so personable, nice and very down to earth! He helped me figure out my shoulder issue after another chiropractor didn't or couldn't. After an awesome adjustment, he gave me a home exercise for my shoulder and it works like a charm! I am so excited to start feeling better! Oh and his furry assistant Chiachi is the best!!! Thanks, Dr Lou!!!!

Chelea Meynard


I am always very impressed with Dr. Cavallo‘s professionalism, friendliness, efficiency and most importantly effectiveness. He is a fantastic doctor and I highly recommend his services.

Joe McBreen


He took his time to listen to my history of injury’s without feeling rushed. Genuinely concerned for the health and wellness of his patients. Looking to address and correct the problem(s) so you can feel better. Highly recommend!

Gina Esposito


Dr. Lou is fantastic. I felt immediate relief after he did the adjustment. I feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Lou.

Oscar Meynard

Improved Immediately

Dr. Cavallo zeroed in on my issue almost immediately. He answered all of my questions and after about 3 visits, my symptoms have improved considerably. Would definitely recommend.

Mark Pinsker


Dr. Lou is an excellent Chiropractor! He's knowledgeable, experienced and systematic in his approach to treating both emergencies and acute/chronic issues. Dr. Lou uses all his expertise to ask great questions, seeking to fully understand the symptoms and the patient. I have confidence and trust his treatment(s); he explains how symptoms, causes and his treatments align. Dr. Lou helps me understand the full treatment, so we achieve the best outcomes. As patients for many years, he is an integral part of my family's Healthcare team, he helps us stay healthy and active. He is a great listener, friendly and genuine; my husband and I respect, and highly recommend Dr. Lou.

Charlene Rowe


Dr. Lou is amazing! Finding a chiropractor whose honest goal is to help you feel your best has been a fantastic experience! Adding his adjustments to my self care routine has greatly improved my overall health.

Veronica Perrin


Seeing Dr. Lou has been one of the best health care provider experiences I've ever had. He's incredibly patient and kind and very committed to treating the patient holistically, not just one spot that hurts. I've had neck issues for years and after about a month of working with Dr. Lou I would say I'm at least 50% better. Very grateful for all his help!

Kate Ferrar


Dr. Lou is the best. He is thorough, kind, and understanding. I have had surgeries and he adjusts me using different techniques based on my needs. Not just the old fashioned crack adjustments. He takes the time to catch up and discusses ways to improve certain issues.

Lynn Kohl

A Knowledgeable & Caring Chiropractor


I have been practicing for over 24 years. I have seen 1,000's of patients. Since 2006 I have treated over 1,500 patients.

5 Stars

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