I Fix Problems, I Don't Sell Packages

In all my years of being a doctor I've learned that many chiropractors in the profession are in the business for themselves and not for their patients. If anyone tries to sell you a package of 10 or 15 visits then you are probably using the wrong chiropractic practitioner.

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Chiropractor Longmont | Cavallo Chiropractic

I am a local family chiropractor in Longmont, Colorado with over 20 years experience. My areas of expertise include soft tissue injuries from sports, work, and auto accidents. I also specialize in non-surgical treatment for disc and nerve injuries. I utilize various adjusting techniques in my practice to fit my patients’ needs. These techniques include diversified adjusting, Gravitational Pattern Alignment, sacro-occipital, activator adjusting, trigger point therapy and therapeutic exercise. I am also trained in animal chiropractic. I am committed to not just treating the symptoms but treating the whole patient by correcting his or her problems with chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, exercise, nutrition and postural changes.

In addition to my treatment philosophy, my practice serves the needs of my patients by offering convenient appointment hours and emergency care. Cavallo Chiropractic in Longmont is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6:30 PM and on Saturdays by Appointment. I believe that we all lead such busy lives and physicians must accommodate the needs of their patients. Through my treatment techniques and clinic operations, I'm confident we can help you feel good naturally.


Dr. Cavallo has taken care of our family for years. He's very thoughtful and thorough. He's an excellent listener and remembers what works for your...

- Colette Cole - Another 5 Star Rating for Dr Lou


Dr. Lou is fantastic. I felt immediate relief after he did the adjustment. I feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Lou.

- Oscar Meynard - Another 5 Star Rating for Dr Lou

Improved Immediately

Dr. Cavallo zeroed in on my issue almost immediately. He answered all of my questions and after about 3 visits, my symptoms have improved...

- Mark Pinsker - Another 5 Star Rating for Dr Lou

Car Accident

Dr Lou helped me with some back pain after a bad car accident and his adjustment alleviated the pain almost immediately. He is affordable and very...

- Jared B. - Another 5 Star Rating for Dr Lou

A Knowledgeable & Caring Chiropractor


I have been practicing for over 24 years. I have seen 1,000's of patients. Since 2006 I have treated over 1,500 patients.

5 Stars

Our Patients have come to trust the care they receive.  Our success is evident by the feed back we received.  Check out our Google Reviews.

Longmont Joint Adjustments

I am a Longmont Chiropractic specialist treating a multitude of different conditions including auto accident care, general wellness, joint alignments, chronic pain, sports injuries, rotator cuff injuries, whiplash and vertigo to name a few. I pride myself on not establishing long and cumbersome contracts for work. My main focus is to improve your health, if that takes 1 visit or more, I want to get you feeling your best as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your daily life.

Patient Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the practice of using spinal alignment and spinal decompression to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments.  We treat muscle strains, neck pain, chronic back pain, and more. This is accomplished by adjusting the position of the spinal column to its proper shape, providing a non-invasive solution for pain relief.

Many people dismiss chiropractic care as being something only for back pain, but chiropractic care can be used to treat a wide variety of physical issues, such as migraines and headaches, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, pain due to injury or muscle strain, and much more.

Auto Accident Care

If you’re in need of immediate medical attention due to severe injuries after a Longmont auto accident, call 911. For injuries that aren’t life threatening, call the police to file an accident report, call your insurance company, and make an appointment to our chiropractic wellness center office as soon as possible.

Whiplash and other injuries, like a neck injury, from car accidents are not going to go away on their own. In fact, they can last for years without proper chiropractic care. By getting the correct adjustments right away, it is possible to prevent long term debilitating pain. The right chiropractic services from the start will help relieve the pain and can help prevent it from turning into chronic pain that’s far more difficult to get rid of down the road.

Dr Lou Cavallo

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) who provides the highest quality care to you, your family or your friends. I believe the right treatments are the most important way to heal, live a full life and feel amazing every day. I help my patients find optimal care for their specific situation and that may include other modalities including acupuncture, massage therapy, dry needling or physical therapy. My only focus is getting you to feel your best and I can treat your symptoms in my office or refer you to a practitioner that I feel will help you.