For some reason, over the past couple of weeks there has been more motor vehicle accidents here in Longmont, Colorado, then usual. I don't know if there is just more traffic or are we as drivers more distracted. In any event, seeking early treatment after a motor vehicle accident, is essential for proper healing and a better prognosis.

Did you know that a rear end collision at even 7 miles and hour is enough to cause significant whiplash and a post traumatic concussion? Studies show that patients that undergo chiropractic care soon after an injury, can heal faster, return to work sooner, and have better long term outcomes.

If you or someone that you know has been in a car accident, make sure to get the injury checked ASAP. We here at Cavallo Chiropractic pride ourselves in being experts in management and treatment of accident related injuries. Most automobile polices also have MedPay. MedPay helps to cover your medical expenses related to your auto accident injuries.

If you would like some more information on chiropractic and auto accidents, give us a call at 303-678-8555, or visit our email us at [email protected].

Please stay alert and safe while driving. Those text and phone calls can wait until you are safely at your destination.