It is hard to believe, but summer is almost over and school is ready to begin. As the new school year starts here in Longmont, Colorado, parents start to shop for school supplies. One of these supplies is the backpack. Backpacks are a practical way for students to carry their school supplies and books to and from school. They can however cause injury to the joints, muscles and ligaments of the spine, if not worn correctly.

As a chiropractor here are some tips to avoid backpack injuries to the spine:

  1. Choose a backpack that is light weight
  2. Choose a backpack that has a padded back and straps
  3. Choose a backpack that has wheels
  4. Make sure you carry the backpack on both shoulders
  5. Do not over pack you backpack keep it light
  6. Do Not carry more then 10-15% of your body weight in the backpack
  7. Keep the straps tight and close to your back


These are just a couple of quick tips to try to prevent spinal injuries. Please feel free to come by our office and have us check your child’s backpack. Proper use of a backpack can prevent spinal injuries and help to keep your child’s spine in alignment.

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